BURNOUT (2009)

Prom Queen
Unknown Legend
Ojibway Diner
Your Old Buick
Miss Idaho redux

Distance has always figured strongly in Ox's music. This is a place where people are always on the move, forever climbing into that beat-up old car and making a go of it. The band dips into a dark space- somewhere within the sad piano of the debut's "Stolen Car"- but which here is given room on the trippy, hypnotic groan of "Unknown Legend." Ox sketches a scene of a long road through the night and an eight-track soundtrack of REO Speedwagon- hope out of reach but not out of mind in a world where the little things- the minute details- matter. And so, 'Burnout' finds Ox on the move, ducking and weaving but never giving up, always fighting through the night and heading for the promise of a new dawn somewhere just over the rise. Another masterful piece of work.

Eden Munro, Vue Weekly, Edmonton, November 19th 2009